Wednesday, February 23, 2011

29 - Shifters (PS2)

Genre: Adventure
Rating: T
Developer: 3DO
Publisher: 3DO
Platform: PS2
Release date: 2002

With 3DO developing and publishing games such as this gem for the PS2 it's easy to see why they ended up filing for bankruptcy. Now, their Army Men games were pretty cool but beyond that they always seemed to be reaching for the stars with their boots nailed to the ground.

This isn't a fun game at all. There's glitches everywhere and I came across them over and over again. The NPCs had inane dialog that sounded like it was written by a child. The graphics were awkward and probably even put together with an in-house engine. The music was silly and would cue up improperly. For example, the battle music would begin playing when I fought enemies but it would also begin playing if I tried swinging at women in the (safe) town. Apparently the music must have been bound to sword swings.

There were loading screens between levels that I didn't even know were levels. You would go to open some doors and they would open up into another room. Some doors, however, would open to a loading screen. It was really strange, especially since none of the "levels" were all that large.

There was no real guide throughout the game so I wandered aimlessly through the halls and caves. I was able to progress pretty far thanks to the extremely forgiving health bar. Along with taking a ton of hits to go down at all, it also would regenerate over time. Overall, this game felt like a really horrible way to spend my time. I'm glad it's over.

Would I play again? No.

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