Monday, February 14, 2011

5 - Alias

Genre: Stealth, action
Rating: T
Developer: Acclaim
Publisher: Acclaim
System: PS2 (Also: Xbox, PC)
Release date: 2004

When looking over the box and manual for this game it really didn't seem like it would be anything special. No offense to Alias or anything, but that stigma of "movie games" (or in this case TV games) is stuck firmly in my head. Thankfully, the game proved itself to be an interesting title.

What I expected from this game was lots of shooting and lots of scantily clad women. I found the main character rather lacking in clothing at certain points, but there was even purpose to this. In the game you would take up an "alias" for each mission. In the first mission you are a waitress in a casino, so it makes sense your attire would be glitzy and tiny.

The bulk of the game seems to be focused around infiltration, information gathering, and general sneakiness. It's not full stealth though because you are in fact out in public just disguised as someone else. Acting in a suspicious manner will get you caught. I really enjoyed pretending to be the casino waitress to spike someone's drink and obtain intel. However, once the game started to become action-y I lost interest. It was confusing with no sort of map or related system which would show me the general location of my targets or where to go.

Overall the disguise parts were excellent and I wish that's how 80% of the game could be, instead of the 60/40 it seems to be. It should also probably be noted that I've never seen Alias which might have been part of the reason I was surprised with the style of gameplay presented.

Would I play again? Sure.

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