Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So if you've been paying attention to gaming blogs yesterday and today you'll probably have seen posts about The Great Gatsby NES game. I've actually not tried it out but the fake advertisement for it made me laugh and was supremely impressed by at the same time.

Looking through my blogroll I read a nice post from The Gay Gamer who talked about other media he'd enjoy adaptations of and how they might work out. Looking over the ideas for games and movies made me think that I'd love to make my own game based off a movie. Sure, it couldn't be for profit or anything like that but it would be a great way to pay homage to something I love.

Since reading the post ideas have been swarming in my head about what kind of game I could make and what it would be based off of. At the moment I'm not very sure at all but if I make any progress on this line of thoughts then there will surely be a new post about it. Either way, it excites me a hell of a lot just to imagine the prospect. Currently I'm working on a visual novel but that's something that might never end just due to me getting caught up in complexities.

Anyway, this seems super awesome and is amazingly fun to think about. Aside from games, movies are the main other obsession of my life. I hope I can do this!


Bryan Ochalla said...

Good for you! I can't wait to hear (read) what you come up with :)

Also, it's funny/interesting how that one little game -- The Great Gatsby NES -- has prompted so much creative thinking.

Marcus said...

That's usually how inspiration works for me. :) Been looking over my movie lists lately to see what, if anything, could be transformed into an entertaining game with nice mechanics.

Actually, I'd really love to have a horror video game where *you* play as the serial killer. That's kinda like Manhunt, but in a campy way along the lines of Stubbs or Destroy All Humans. Weeeee ideas!

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