Monday, February 14, 2011

1 - 24: The Game

Genre: 3rd person shooter
Rating: M
Developer: SCE Cambridge
Publisher: 2K Games
System: PS2
Release date: 2006

I've never watched 24. Anything other than monster of the week TV shows are rarely something I can get into. Either way, as I started playing the game I figured it probably is a very good representation of how the TV show progresses. You have chapters divided into hours and do lots of exciting, bomb-diffusing things in between. There's also a lot of shooting, predictably. 

For some reason when I started playing the game's default brightness is none at all. I could barely see where I was going and had to crank it up 5 notches for the game to look nice and vibrant. I wasn't especially good at killing the enemies but at least there was a (somewhat glitchy) auto-targeting system. You got more points if you arrested the crooks instead but it seemed random whether or not the enemies would choose to surrender after having a taste of hot lead or not. 

I only got to experience diffusing a bomb once in my limited playthrough and it seemed supremely simple. I assume that was due to it being the introduction to the entire deal. However, I could see it becoming a very tense and fun minigame in between levels. 

Overall the game seemed tailored to those who don't spend much time playing games or were younger. The story was completely incomprehensible but I chalk that up to being unfamiliar with the series and characters.

Would I play again? Sure. 

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