Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jane Jensen's Kickstarter

For those who aren't adventure gaming nuts you might not be aware of who Jane Jensen is. Well, she's one of the cooler names in the world of the genre with such titles under her belt as the Gabriel Knight series and Gray Matter. Gabriel Knight games are so intensely good, even all these years later so I recommend trying them out (at least the first two) if you're ever in the mood.

Anyway, a Kickstarter has popped up today. It's for Jane's Pinkerton Road development studio. By donating you help fund the company, games, and even help choose the first game that will get worked on. It might not seem like a huge deal to many, but to me it's incredibly cool. Aside from Gray Matter, Jane has mostly been wrapped up in doing Women's Murder Club games. Now, that's fine and all but it's not a series where you have the creative ability to make any story you desire. To hear that she may be returning to making her own games is fantastic and I hope it happens.

With all these Kickstarter projects out I continue to worry they will fail. When I saw the Leisure Suit Larry one I was almost certain it would not make its $500,000 goal. I thought that only I and older gamers would still care about the series. However, it's already racking up mega money. Jane Jensen seems like an even more niche part of the adventure game world. Still, I'm hoping the goal is reached so I, as well as everyone else, can enjoy more stories from her.
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