Monday, February 14, 2011

11 - Headhunter

Genre: 3rd person shooter
Rating: M
Developer: Amuze
Publisher: Acclaim
System: PS2 (Also: DC)
Release date: 2002

So here's a game that was so entirely uninteresting that I didn't even remember I played it. The gal who had been with me while I went through the games had to alert me to the fact it was missing from this current list. And yes, all the games listed before this one were played in one day.

Anyway, this wasn't a very good game. It wasn't bad either, but overall it just felt very uneventful. Perhaps I'm feeling this way because I didn't even survive the tutorial. Personally, any game that allows you to fail the tutorial seems a very cruel game to me. There should be something that keeps you from having HP at all or whatever that early on.

I died because I wasn't able to shoot everyone down in one fell swoop like I'm used to. Perhaps it would have been best to listen to the game which was currently hinting at me to crouch behind items to dodge fire. I've never been one to play by the rules and perhaps that's why I somehow always manage to find the stupidest ways to die.

The graphics were okay and the main character seemed cool. The world built up around the game also seemed pretty interesting but the game itself didn't feel like anything. It felt like if you filtered Metal Gear Solid down to make Winback... but then you filter Winback down even more and end up with this game.

Would I play again? Maybe.

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