Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12 - The Bard's Tale

Genre: RPG
Rating: T
Developer: InXile
Publisher: InXile
System: PS2 (Also: PC, Xbox)
Release date: 2004

When this game was going to come out initially I had no idea about the series of Bard's Tale games. You see, I was never really huge on WRPGs, JRPGs, or any sort of dungeon crawling. However, 2004 was the start of an exploration into a "new" genre for me. Either way, buying this game got put off for years and even since owning it I've never tried it out. Until today, that is.

For some reason when it came time to play it I was looking to dislike it. Many of the great WRPG titles supposedly out there fall flat for me (I'm looking at you, Fallout). However, as the game started I was instantly smitten. The narrator had a sly, humorous nature to him and the characters were also sharp-witted. The voice acting was nicely done and was all very entertaining.

Something that really threw me off about the game was the top down perspective. It reminded me of Dragon Age a bit except you could get up close with your characters in that. This one had you relegated to a very tactical position that made it hard for me to judge if my attacks were landing on certain foes or what items/chests were around.

It's a nice game but, again, just not my type of thing. It seems like this is how a modern remake of King's Quest might be handled if there had ever been the opportunity (and I've still not played the The Silver Lining). It's too bad more games aren't able to be revisited in a promising way. But then, perhaps it is best for the games of yesterday to be left as they are.

Would I play again? No (the camera angle gave me a bit of a headache).

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