Thursday, February 17, 2011

19 - Britney's Dance Beat

Genre: Rhythm/music
Rating: E
Developer: Metro Graphics
Publisher: THQ
System: PS2 (Also: GBA, PC)
Release date: 2002

So, this might sound really weird but I have played and beaten this game on GBA prior to touching this version. Because of that, these paragraphs will mostly be a comparison of the two games. Firstly, the game is basically a very simple rhythm game where you have to press the four PS2 buttons (triangle, circle, square, x) and sometimes the d-pad. It's surprising but sometimes the buttons managed to trip me up. Not to mention that every dance was a challenge against someone else, who would try to sabotage your moves.

In the PS2 version you are a backup dancer going through a string of auditions against increasingly tougher dancers. The goal at the end is to dance up on stage with Britney. Strangely enough, this isn't the same case in the GBA version. For that one you are Britney and are practicing before your world tour, or something of the sort.

Unimpressively, both versions of the game only have 5 songs. Also, the PS2 version is lacking in the multiple difficulty options that the GBA game includes. It seems quite odd that these would be missing. Still I'd have to say the PS2 version is superior for the simple fact that the songs are the actual ones and not some crazy MIDI music... although it's almost endearing. Almost.

This is supposed to be Oops! I Did it Again

The game isn't awful. In fact, it's kind of infectious in a way once you get past the initial goofiness. That may just be my preference though. The main problem is that there's not much replayability at all once you complete the 10 auditions (you play each song twice).

Would I play again? No.

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