Monday, February 14, 2011

4 - The Adventures of Cookie & Cream

Genre: Puzzle
Rating: E for Everyone
Developer: From Software
Publisher: Agetec Inc.
System: PS2
Release date: 2001

I think I actually played this game a long time ago with my sister. Or more aptly, I watched her play. It wasn't as if I was entirely put off by the cartoonish look, but usually we would both rent games separately. She would watch me play mine and I in turn would watch her. 

When first popping the game in, I decided to try out solo because my gaming partner was being lazy. It was horribly difficult though and the game is most definitely created to be a two-player experience. Looking back on it now, I have no clue how my sister managed to play it on her own. 

The screen is split in two and you (and your partner) control a bunny character. As you progress through the level there are obstacles which only your partner can help you with by pressing buttons or manipulating levers. The interactivity of the puzzles is super fun and the cuteness makes everything funnier when you unexpectedly drown your character thanks to a missed jump. 

It gets boring rather quickly, but once it does they throw a boss fight at you to keep you invested. While the rest of the game isn't too difficult the boss battles are surprisingly tough. It's a quirky little game that seems a strange release on the US shores. 

Would I play again? Sure. 

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