Thursday, February 17, 2011

21 - Catwoman

Genre: Action
Rating: T
Developer: Argonaut Games
Publisher: EA Games
Platform: PS2 (Also: GBC, GBA, GC, PC, Xbox)
Release date: 2004

I'll tell you straight out, this was not a pleasant gaming experience. However, it wasn't the worst, as my expectations were set much lower. However, you gotta know you're in for a treat when the main menu shows a very slow and close up panning across the various curves of Catwoman.

The control scheme was pretty cool. You could run regularly or press a button to get into cat-like mode and have a different set of control methods. The left thumbstick moved your character around and the right controlled your whip action. In a cat fashion you are also able to jump further and climb up on things. It was also interesting that upon executing various attacks that Catwoman would exude purplish sparkles. It almost felt like I was playing a supremely less fabulous version of Bayonetta.

That's where the compliments end. The voice acting of all the NPCs were hilariously bad and the tutorial on-screen text was written really strangely. I suspect it was written how Catwoman talks but I've never read the comics so it was really weird. Beyond that, the camera loved to move in the worst places possible so there was no way to see the proper way to go and, as far as I could tell, there was no way to move it yourself.

Because of that damn camera I plummeted to my death from the tops of buildings a handful of times. Well, I should have. Falling from 7 stories only took a small chunk of health from Catwoman each time until it finally whittled down to nothing. She didn't even land on her feet!

Would I play again? No.

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