Monday, February 14, 2011

9 - City Crisis

Genre: Helicopter simulator
Rating: E
Developer: Syscom
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
System: PS2
Release date: 2001

The very first thought I had when the game started up was: This game is ugly. It's really ugly. Not only is it a game from very early in the PS2's life but it is also on a CD-ROM. this means the entire game is under 700 MBs, and it really shows. However, I've never been one to judge a game on the graphics. For some reason it just really stood out to me.

The actual game was very hit and miss. The concept is fantastic. You are in a helicopter which fights fires and also is able to lift people to safety from their dangerous predicaments throughout the city. However, figuring out how to control the helicopter was hell. I'm far to new from games but the tutorial mission didn't even explain how you make the helicopter lose or gain altitude. It was just expected you know. Since I didn't have the manual for this game, my partner and I confusedly attempted to push every button to figure out how to do it. I finally figured it out, but it shouldn't have been that hard.

Once the controls were in my gasp I was able to play the game a bit more proficiently. That was until I headed over to save some people on a burning building and nudged the side of another building. For some inexplicable reason this caused my helicopter to explode on top of everything. There were no survivors.

I really love the idea of playing a game where you fight fires and/or save people. In fact, I'm very much in love with fire fighting arcade games and console attempts. Unfortunately, this game doesn't do a great job at it. It's okay.

Would I play again? Sure.

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