Friday, February 25, 2011

30 - Taito Legends (PS2)

Genre: Compilation
Rating: T
Developer: Empire Oxford
Publisher: Sega
Platform: PS2 (Also: PC, PSP, Xbox)
Release date: 2005

I just picked this one up over the weekend and was tired of going in alphabetical order so decided to hit this up. It was a pretty good choice, especially after the supreme un-fun of the game I'd just played. Strangely, unlike the Atari and Intellivision collections I have I wasn't quite sure what would be included in the Taito flavor. For classic games, I'm kind of biased with my interest which mostly leans toward western developers. Don't ask me why though, that's just how things ended up happening.

So aside from the obligatory Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, and Elevator Action a lot of these games were new to me. That didn't stop me from finding a couple new favorites though. Games like Gladiator were pretty cool. I liked that you could control your sword and shield separately for attacking and blocking against the enemy combatants. I'd really like to play it two player. There was some other sword game but I can't remember the name and I was just awful at it so maybe it's better to forget about it.

There was this other game but the name completely escapes me now. However, it was fantastic and it was a very simple game. Basically you were in control of two little animals (pig, dog, or cat) holding a.... bouncy mat thing. Wow, words really are failing me tonight. One of those types of things that firefighters use in movies when someone is jumping out of a window of a burning building. Anyway, you would bounce your animal friend in it and hit objects on the top half of the screen. There were even boss battles and it was totally cool.

Overall the mix of games was pretty cool. I'm always a fan of these types of things though so maybe I'm biased. They feel like pretty good deals to me. Some of the games aren't any good but that's the case with any compilation. With that said though, this compilation probably won't be the first or even second I reach for next time.

Would I play again? Sure.

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