Wednesday, February 23, 2011

28 - Sky Odyssey (PS2)

Genre: Flight sim
Rating: E
Developer: CAProduction
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PS2
Release date: 2000

I don't know why I have so many simulation games that I barely know anything about. I don't have any particular interest in flying or planes but here's another game based around it. Unlike more action oriented games such as Ace Combat this game is one based upon adventuring.

In the game you're given the option to play through the adventuring story mode, practice, or just fly freely around. I went with adventure mode because that was what I assumed to be the meat of the game. At first it seemed really boring but quickly picked up.

You're flying in precarious places by cliff sides and between them. Sometimes there will be rock slides that spontaneously occur and you have to maneuver out of the way or else you're in big trouble. You also need to keep an eye on the random plane stats on the side of the screen or else your craft might stall in midair. Mine did, but somehow miraculously un-stalled before I went crashing to my death.

Speaking of which, I managed to fly through the level, hitting the magical circles in the air that they wanted you to nail. It was at the very end of the flight that I finally saw the landing strip down below me. I quickly descended and tried to get on their as slow as possible. However, what ended up happening was that I slammed down onto the strip and it was game over. I saved a replay and hope to upload that to Youtube sometime.

Would I play again? No.

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