Monday, February 14, 2011


Hello internet.

I'm looking to start blogging regularly again but am not sure where. Both Wordpress and Blogger really please me. I'm thinking overall Blogger is the simpler and friendlier service so I shall initially post things here and repost good stuff on my main Wordpress page. We'll have to see how that all works out though. At the very least both blogs are under the same name so no one should accuse me of stealing my own work.

The point of my writing here at least is to give little descriptions about the games I play. There's  a special rhyme and reason about this all though (at least at the onset). You see, I have many games in my collection that have never been touched and so I figure now is the time to start trying them out. This may seem weird, but when you buy at least 20 games a month it should be readily apparent that a backlog will grow much too quickly.

I'm not necessarily intending to play a game to completion each time. Not at all! What I'm trying to do is just to play a game for a little while to get a taste of it and then if I like it might return to it later on. The main rule is that I'll play until reaching a game over screen for the first time and then moving along to something new. If a game is really good though I will make note of it so I can pull it out again at another time. This idea was partially inspired by The Gay Gamer's Great Gaymathon and Games for Lunch. I'm starting with PS2 games because those are super convenient to play on my PS3 with a wireless controller.

A lot of the games I'll play are probably not on the top of anyone's list. There's nothing wrong with that and is probably why I myself have yet to play them. However, in the past I have found a great amount of games that were much better than one would assume (25 to Life, The Guy Game, etc). After I tire of this or possibly run through all my games - and intermittently in between - I will post about other game news or musings.

So yes, that's the point and hopefully someone will enjoy reading it all.

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