Sunday, February 20, 2011

Podcast Recommendation

Hey folks, even though initially I wasn't sure if I'd be around for posting on Sunday it's turned out that I have been able to. Fabulous! Well tonight it's about time for my favorite podcast so I'm gonna pass them along to anyone who might stumble over this post.

It seems now that every site has their own podcast going on, and that's pretty cool. I've taken the time to listen to various podcasts around the net but for the most part they don't keep me interested. I'm not sure if it's the content or the way they discuss topics or what, but none of these podcasts from the last 2 years really manage to hook me.

Perhaps part of the problem is because I've been spoiled by one of the first podcasts I ever listened to. That podcast is Orange Lounge Radio. They're a group of three friends who started podcasting way back in 2002. I started listening sometime around 2003 and haven't stopped since.

Initially they were a podcast about rhythm and music games specifically. A few years after I started listening they decided to switch to a more all-around gaming podcast because the music gaming genre was dying out, pretty much. That was before Guitar Hero and Rock Band hit the world at full force.

Perhaps it's also not quite fair to call them a "podcast" because for all these years they've been doing their show live on Sunday nights from 6-9PM PST. Would you call that a livecast? An online radio show? I'm not quite sure but podcast is the most recognizable term so I stick with it. Either way, they're live most Sunday nights and then they save that show and put it out on iTunes/etc later so you can listen in podcast form if so desired. It's much more fun to listen live however as they have their own chatroom where you can interact as well as responding to user emails, tweets, calls/Skype, and all of that interaction.

What's so good about these people then? They're huge gamers and have been all their lives. You'd have to assume so if they've kept this gaming podcast going after all these years. They're LGBT friendly which is wonderful to find in the gaming world these days. The host is a great, hilarious guy with a lovely boyfriend who sometimes appears on the show. The co-hosts are both married (not to each other!) and one is a proud father and techie while the other is an awesome gal who has tons of games and pinball machines. They talk about games but sometimes the topic wanders. Even when the topic goes onto something like food or something it's still entertaining to listen to because they get along so wonderfully.

OLR is wonderful and if you're ever interested in sampling a new podcast I highly suggest giving it a listen. They're going to be live in about 10 minutes on All Games. This is how I've spent many Sunday nights over the years and I welcome you to get in on it along with me. Their newest episode has already been updated to their feed.

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