Monday, February 14, 2011

3 - Activision Anthology

Genre: Compilation
Rating: E for Everyone
Developer: Contraband Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
System: PS2 (Also: GBA, PC)
Release date: 2002

Compilation games are some of my favorite things ever, especially when they're retro compilations. I adore being able to play my favorite games from childhood without ever having to hook up the consoles again. Sure, there is something very awesome to be said for playing games on their initial hardware, but it becomes increasingly difficult to hook them up on modern TV sets.

This was a really awesome collection. It had well over 20 games and the interface was one of the best I've seen for this type of game. You navigate around a kid's very 80's room to choose various options. The games themselves are on a spinning shelf and you can view lots of information on each title. Playing games gives you access to their commercials and other various items. This is what I wish Achievements of Trophies would do these days, instead of just giving you more points.

In fact, on the shelf of games there are empty slots. I talked with someone on the development team for this game and those slots are not for unlockable games. In fact, they were supposed to be special games you could download. Of course, the PS2 online network never really took off and this feature was nixed.

Overall this was a lot of fun although I wish there could be a bit more explanation about how to set up two player modes or what the various functions the buttons are mapped to. Aside from that, it was a fantastic set of games and a great way to spend some time with friends.

Would I play again? Yes!

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