Monday, April 11, 2011

Updates: Streaming and Horror Movies

I was pretty busy running around on Friday/Saturday for a rather exciting reason. After lots of searching, I picked up a capture device. What's that? Basically, it's the kind of thing people use when they record gameplay for Youtube straight through the console or stream gameplay live on various sites.

Over the last few days I've learned a lot about capturing and streaming my gaming, but there's certainly a lot more to learn. As it stands, I can currently stream in a sort of muddled SD quality but at least there is no choppiness. My card is capable of streaming in crisp 480p but unfortunately my PC is too darn old to handle that kind of quality. However, once I get a new rig in my house I know I'll never skimp on video quality again. My current streaming page is available here but I intend to return to Justin.Tv once I can use higher quality.

As for now I really don't have any specific streaming schedule. At the very least I am trying to record and save my gaming sessions on the page so that people may look at them later. If and when I have a regular streaming time that will be posted on the blog. Or if I intend to do a marathon or something else unusual that'll be posted here too. I'll be streaming basically whatever I feel like although for now it will be based around last gen games and this gen. Regardless of what I stream, expect there to be lots and lots of losing.

Something else exciting came up over the weekend. I was having a lazy Sunday and thought it would be fantastic to start a movie blog. Aside from games, movies are my other love and I think I could write up a brief summary of thoughts over what I watch. So, in a way it'll be a lot like this blog except that there will be no dying on my part. At least I hope not. I've quite aptly named the blog Marcus's Movie Life and there's nothing there yet, but if you like movies you might wanna follow/favorite/whatever it for later! I must warn you though that horror movies may end up being the focus of the site since that's my fallback genre when there's nothing else I feel like watching.

Having a new blog shouldn't impede my updates on this site. I generally always watch movies as is so there's no change to my habit. I just wish I had started this last year during my October horror movie bonanza. I watched over 60 horror movies in one month and by the end of it I couldn't stand to watch anything.

Anyways, that's enough chatter about my activities. Regular scheduled blogging shall resume shortly...

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