Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Should I Start Renting Games Again?

All this stuff Netflix has been pulling lately is making me antsy. I feel before the year is done I will stop being a Netflix member (after wanting to be one for 7+ years even!) and go somewhere else. I've already cemented in my top two replacement options and will just spend some time with their free trials to discern which is the best solution.

Anyway, what I have found is that Blockbuster Online lets you rent out games at no additional cost. Netflix is going to finally add games to the rentable selection but they will come at an added fee. I am guessing the fee will be between $2 and $5 more on top of the $7.99 1 DVD-at-a-time plan. I decided to look at GameFly to see how they compare and they set their same plan (of course only with games for rent) at $15.90. Blockbuster Online's fees are slightly higher than Netflix's base rate at $9.99, but add in games (and Blu-Ray) and it looks like a much better deal overall.

If I were to get Blockbuster Online I think I'd really want to make use of game rentals. Unfortunately online the newest games don't become available until a month+ after launch. It's just like how most new to DVD movies don't appear on other services for a while too. Still, being able to try out various games I've been wondering about would be extremely useful (if a bit silly seeing how much I already own). You can get "new" games via RedBox I suppose but that charges late fees so naw...

Back in the day I used to visit Blockuster or Hollywood Video every Friday after school to try something new. After a while, I basically had rented out every N64 game they had in stock (minus Conker's Bad Fur Day, which I always gazed at longingly). I think it would be a ton of fun to rent again, but maybe the spark of "discovery" would be gone now. Either way, I have at least a month to figure this all out.

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