Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shadows of the Damned is Out

Shadows of the Damned is the crazy lovechild of Goichi Suda (Killer7/No More Heroes) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4) and with a heaping helping of music by Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill). Seriously, this game has all my favorite people in it and for some reason I'm just not interested!

My hope and expectation is that the game will down in price relatively soon. It's no Halo 3 and a lot of creative titles end up going down really quick as of late... Things like Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Vanquish, and Enslaved dropped $20 almost instantly. I expect the same from this one but time will tell. 

Either way, I'm mostly upset that Yamaoka left Konami for this and future ventures. I think it was a smart move, but that now leaves Silent Hill without his music. I recall an interview where Yamaoka said if they wanted to he would readily do another soundtrack, but they went with someone else. I've only heard a few tracks from Shadows of the Damned but it mostly seems to play from a different style of Yamaoka's that I've rarely heard. This isn't a bad thing. 

Anyway, I just wanted to come here and share one of the songs from the game. Created by Yamaoka, it includes a vocal performance by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who was Yamaoka's go to lead for almost every vocal track in Silent Hill. I'm glad to see that they are still working together even if it's not at Konami. 

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