Thursday, March 31, 2011

Video Game Hotties: Horror Guys

In the act of commenting on my last list of my personal favorite attractive characters the idea arose to make posts specifically for game genres. I don't know how many genres I'll be able to work out as of yet, but I've got at least a few in mind for now. My favorite genre out there for anything really is horror. Some people can't stand horror for one reason or another and that's totally fine with me. That doesn't mean we can't come together and enjoy the studs in those types of games, right?

Agent Francis York Morgan - Deadly Premonition
This guy like to go by "York". While that instantly brings to mind peppermint patties, it doesn't change the fact that York is pretty drat attractive. He has a few mysterious scars on his face, but they stand as an accent to his facial features more than anything else. The guy is also relatively stylish with the ability to change his outfit to different colored suits. York also has a really bizarre attitude which ends up making him seem rather cute and naive before he pinpoints clues no one else picks up on. One feature of York in particular is that he shaves or doesn't on player command, so you can have just as much stubble or beard on him as you please!

Vincent - Silent Hill 3
In the Silent Hill world there are lots of "average" looking people. Vincent is an attractive, bookish fellow with a slight tinge of insanity. He aids Heather and steers her down a path but is he good or bad? Vincent is a man with a plan, even if that plan is never fully divulged. The fellow also seems to suffer from some delusions of grandeur but his ambiguous existence makes me want to see him more.

Leon S. Kennedy - Resident Evil 4
For some reason Leon looked a bit dorky in Resident Evil 2. However, by the time he took the reigns again for Resident Evil 4 he had grown all up. For one, his clothing style was amped right up with a sexy bomber jacket and form-fitting dark shirt underneath. His hairstyle is a bit of an anomaly when compared to most other male protagonists, but that helps set him apart. Leon is unbelievably stylish and I love that in a man, whether he is polygonal or not.  

Alex Shepherd - Silent Hill: Homecoming
Secret: I absolutely hated Silent Hill: Homecoming as a Silent Hill game. On its own it is acceptable but I still haven't been able to force myself to sit down with it again. What I do not hate however is Alex. From the moment there were first character sketches and renders I was all over him. The "faux hawk" hairstyle was starting to explode when this game came around and normally I was already sick of it. However, Alex didn't look like a goofy teen/20 something. His face screams determination and wear which appeals to me. I might never know exactly what was tormenting him, but I can still enjoy how he looks fighting off monsters. 

Richter Belmont - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
First off, let me say that while there were images close up of Richter's face I had to go with one showcasing his whip. It's a Castlevania staple but also it just looks pretty hot. The Belmont clan is actually all pretty damn hot especially in official art. Really the only one who wasn't some degree of attractive to me was the guy depicted on the first Castlevania game. You know the one where the guy had Chun Li-sized thighs and has his butt barely covered? Yeah, that never really appealed to me.

Ellis - Left 4 Dead 2 
While I never really enjoyed Left 4 Dead 2 as much as the original, it definitely had the hottest character of the bunch. Ellis is goofy, talks too much, has somewhat boyish looks, and is overall adorable. At a point in the game he even talks about having a crush on Zoey which is extremely "awwww" worthy when in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Something especially fun about Ellis is that a gay gamer or two have created shirtless mods for him. There might not be full on nude mods like Zoey got, but it's something!

Andrew Ryan - Bioshock
Mr. Ryan isn't actually so painfully hot once you happen upon him in game, but when all you have is a still image of his face it is a really good shot. This particular image is fan art because all the official pictures of his face were teeny. I think the art really does him justice though. He exudes confidence but also has a sinister air about him. He's also an older fellow, but that doesn't deter my interest one bit.

Rick - Splatterhouse series
Really, I prefer the TurboGrafx/Genesis renditions of Rick because he actually had a relatively human body structure. By the time Splatterhouse made it to the PS3 and 360 it looked like Rick had been taking 'roids along with Chris Redfield. Still, I prefer his newer mask to the older and more blatant rip off of Jason Voorhees. Amazingly, this image of a life size statue Rick actually is more toned down than how he looks in game. He's even bigger, if you can imagine that.

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