Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Updates

So, this week I have 3 games on my plate to try and beat and review. Four if you include the Bioshock I'm just doing for fun for a little site. But 3 are pretty time sensitive and I'm curious as to how I'll be able to finish them off by Sunday or Monday. Well, thankfully there's not too much on my plate the rest of the week so I can dedicate myself to GAME PLAYING. Unfortunately this means more lack of mini reviews for this site. Presumably there's still other gaming things I can write about, so that'll be kept in mind during down time.

Today I got to play the 3DS. It was a compact and attractive system, which pleased me. However, the 3D effect was really strange. It made my eyes feel all weird and I couldn't "focus", it felt like. I toyed with the slider and slowly cranked it down from full 3D, to 2D, and back up. Without being on full 2D I really felt none of the other settings worked for me. After a while with the slider at around 75% 3D I was able to finally start focusing again and see what I needed. The 3D effect was still palpatable, but didn't really seem so impressive. I gotta say, it kind of saddened me that it wasn't some godly little 3D fantasy box for my eyes.

In other news, the games I'm playing for review purposes currently are Ys I and II Chronicles, Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle, and Yakuza 4. Right now Yakuza 4 is taking up all my attention because that series is godly. Hopefully it clocks in around 20 hours so I can knock that out in a couple dedicated gaming days.

That's most of the gaming stuff that's gone on around here. I've also been re-organizing the game room with the addition of new shelf space. Everything isn't perfect yet, but it's getting there. Of course, for me, nothing is ever perfect enough. It's still worth the attempt!

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