Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stuff I Want This Week

One of my worst habits is probably how often I go check out various online shopping sites for video game stuff. Thankfully, I rarely ever actually hit the bid or buy button but it sure is so damn alluring. For whatever reason, I figured it'd be nice to post about some of the stuff I've got my eye on currently but don't intend to pick up. If only I had an egregious amount of spare cash!

Alice: An Interactive Museum PC game
Had you asked me a week ago I would have no clue what this "game" is. But it came onto my radar just this morning and looks like neat. I really like the first forays into CD technology where there were mostly just discs that had prerendered images/areas that you could sort of maneuver around through. They're not actually games, but more of just semi-interactive experiences.

PlayStation 10 Million model
I've been lusting after one of these things for a few years now. Like it says in the description, these came out to commemorate Sony managing to sell 10 million PS1s. Supposedly there are only 100 in existence and someday I must own one. At the very least, I hope to get my hands on a Net Yaroze unit because those are pretty sweet too, although nowhere near as rare.

Silent Hill Sound Box [Konamistyle Limited Edition]

Silent Hill is probably my favorite series of all time. I have a small little shrine to it on my shelves and definitely own the same damn games multiple times. The music itself is fantastic and so you have to bet this set of all the tracks really gets me going. It has a couple soundtracks which were never released on disc too, which is doubly exciting.

PlayStation card case
If it hasn't become apparent yet, I'm a big Sony fan. I can't even imagine how people might react to seeing business cards carried in something like this, but honestly who even cares? It looks professional enough for me! Speaking of which, there's another businessy Sony item I'm currently eying. I'll post about it if it does come into my possession.

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