Friday, May 27, 2011


So, I've been pretty busy this week! I really want to get back to writing my little game review snippets but it seems the time is not right just yet. My fingers are crossed for next week now that things are calming down. On the plus side, I got a promotion!

In short little news snippets that I was too lazy to talk about...
  • Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure is a wonderful game and everyone should play it if they haven't.
  • L.A. Noire got so much good press - and I disagree with all of it.
  • PlayStation 4 is in the works and in other news nobody was surprised. It's been a good amount of years already!
More personally, I'm currently helping a friend work on a shmup and it's pretty fun. I'm also digitizing my game collection into this database software because I was too lazy to create my own program. Probably gonna write a "review" of the software so that'll get linked here when it does happen. In fact, I'll probably write a L.A. Noire review too next week. I just hope I can finish the game soon enough to put out my opinion before everyone else posts their disheartened essays about the game. 


Bryan Ochalla said...

First, congrats on the promotion! Second, are you being serious about the Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure? (What the hell is a "ponycorn," anyway?) Third, yes, the fact that Sony is prepping a PS4 is a wonderful piece of "duh" news, as was the news that MS is prepping an Xboxb 360 follow-up and Nintendo will soon release a follow-up to the Wii. I'm sure all such companies start planning their next system as soon as the current one is released -- if not before!

Marcus said...

Thank you :).

Haha, I thought whether or not I should link to the game in the post and apparently I shoulda. The game is one that a father and his 5 year old daughter created (she did all the art/voice acting/puzzle design) and he put it together into a workable game.

I honestly feel like normally we would have already heard more about the next new consoles. Even though the Move and Kinect are not sending massive shockwaves down the gaming community like they were meant to, they'll help keep things "fresh" for a while longer.

Marcus said...

She did all the main character voice acting, anyway. I'm assuming her dad did all the other characters since they sound very not-5-year-old-girl-like :p.

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