Monday, May 6, 2013

I've Started a New Site!

Hey folks, if you ever visit my site then you're likely aware that I don't post all that much. Between writing for work and school I have found that this isn't really a priority. Yes, I still love video games and all that stuff but end up writing more for other reasons. Despite this, I started my own website this weekend (registered a domain and everything)!

The site is called PixelPacas and is one of the funniest domains I came up with while thinking about this. There were actually a lot of super cool domains out there but they were either in use or simply parked. Either way, this name was free so I decided to stop dreaming about having my own site and to just go for it! My girlfriend is also on board to write on the site as well and her focus is on games like Harvest Moon and dating sims.

Because I am paying for both the domain name registration as well as hosting I assume that will be enough of an impetus to keep me writing there. So far, I've only come up with a few reviews (set to be published in the coming weeks) but want to do other things with it as well. The reviews in queue are probably indicative of what the site is going to include a lot of (rhythm, puzzle, arcade, visual novel, and indie games) If all goes well, perhaps it could even inspire me to stream a bit more gameplay in the future.

Now I've got to wonder what that means for this site. Will I still publish here? At this time, I really don't know. It has already been a pretty slow site so most likely the future for my personal writing revolves around PixelPacas. This site is going to remain online, but I won't import the content to the other one.
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